Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Art is a creative activity that challenges one's one basic perceptions of the world. This applies equally to appreciating and creating art. It is a more about asking questions then find answers.

I enjoy creating art; I enjoy the technical challenges. But more importantly, art lets me share my explorations and enjoyment of the world, and learn how other people see it.

Art is a way of participating in a shared activity. To do this, an artist must transcend personal expression, and participate in the collective development of our shared understanding. Understanding is the capacity to extend yourself by allowing things to affect even your most precious and private thoughts and feelings. It is much rarer and more risky than conventional comprehension. Our school and work environments depend only on the correct application of concepts and timely repetition of memes; sadly we often mimic this in our personal, intellectual, and, spiritual lives.
Art develops, not from obvious intuitions, but from the more subtle, gentler ones. These gentler intuitions become complete when skill and technique moves freely to into the possibilities imagined.

So too with emotions, it is ones that seem gently and subtle that can become overwhelming and fulfilling with time; becoming complete with the movement of a soul.

Photography Video

We live in a world of filled with advertisements, announcements, and, propaganda. Not just by the media, but sometimes by the people around us. These ideas and associated emotions may seem overwhelming, but they are transient and inert because they press against us rather creating a space. Such things are perpetually incomplete as neither the mind nor the heart moves freely to meet them.

Art a public version of the compassion and empathy that occurs between people who are close. It creates the possibility for motion, without dictating the direction. Art's appreciation depends on the freedom of the mind and heart. This is how we go from conventional comprehension to a shared understanding.

This short documentary was produced by a student for digital media course.

The creative process is for me an open activity. It involves collaboration and conversation with other people. I am inspired by the people close to me; their creative activities move my thoughts forward.

I engage if four art forms. These interconnect in diverse and surprising ways; ideas and styles flow from one to another. I won't narrate this process, but it will show itself in the works.

Digital Image Video